Why Choose Us?

We are the premier and leader shipbuilder in Middle East.

BALTIC MARINE SERVICES LLC, Owned and currently operates offshore vessels. The fleet comprises of AHT, AHTS, PSV, FAST CREW BOATS, TUG BOATS, FLAT TOP BARGES and ACCOMODATION CRANE BARGE.

BALTIC MARINE SERVICES LLC expertise in chartering vessels in support activities as below.

  • Ship Owner
  • Cargo movement
  • Anchor handling
  • Towing operation
  • Rig movement operation
  • Drilling Support services
  • Offshore Construction & Maintenance
  • Offshore Accommodation crane Barge
  • Sub-sea and diving support vessel
  • Passenger Transport
  • Survey Operation
  • Off shore heavy lift
  • Ship sale and purchase
  • Bunker supply
  • Marine spare parts